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Chris and Katrina, have deep and long experience of personal health Regain and life Turnaround from serious and dramatic health problems. Read all about it at, 'Meet Katrina' and 'Meet Chris', below, where you will find a link to Katrina's full story. 

The Shape of a Regain Turnaround

All health guidance and support is available 'in clinic' only. Visit one of our 2 clinics 
We support you with health guidance that can work alongside any conventional treatments that you may be going through with your doctor. We never advise to come off medical treatments. We are health research information providers only. We make suggestions that you can take to your doctor, if your doctor is a good support to you. We also provide support when all other options have failed and you are looking for another way.
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Meet Katrina
Meet Chris
What does the Regain Turnaround provide?
What is Tuina
Meet Katrina

Above: A recent photo of Katrina

Left: Katrina aged 9, sitting on a hospital bed on the first day of being admitted with Crohn's Disease

Below: Katrina aged 20 standing with her dad at a party. Her left hand was so painful, and simply to relieve the stress she had to hold her hand furtively, in strange positions to avoid twisting and crushing.

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Katrina began on her journey of discovery to find methods that restore health, from when she was a child. By the age of 9 Katrina became very poorly with a very serious condition of her digestive system called 'Crohn's Disease'. This is an illness which inflames the entire digestive system making even the mouth very sore with ulcers. Katrina struggled on through drug treatments that made her health further debilitated, and leading to osteoporosis. After much time off school and much time in hospital, all the normal methods of treating this illness failed her.

By the time she was aged 20, Katrina became almost completely disabled with rheumatoid arthritis. She realised that it was time to find her own way to restore her health, all other conventional methods had not worked. Katrina had to work hard for herself to attempt to rebuild her body from the side effects of the medication, as well as find a way to restore her health by understanding the cause of her illnesses rather than only treating, or 'managing', the symptoms. 

Katrina was successful in finding a way through the minefield of health misinformation, and eventually, in spite of her extreme exhaustion and exceptional pain, she plodded her way through to rebuilding her body and restoring her digestive system and her joints. Katrina experiences health today in a way that is new to her experience of life. Now that she has so much energy and endurance she realises that this is an experience that she didn't have even as a toddler. No joint pain, strong body, no allergies, restored gut, restored brain, restored friends! :-)

Ever since that time Katrina has shared her research, her methods, with anyone who shows her that they are ready to turnaround their health. Katrina joined with Chris (below) and together they share the tools that others need for their personal journey, to help  regain and improve stage by stage, each person's own debilitating symptoms. 

Katrina's more detailed story is available here

Meet Chris

Chris' background is in teaching Design and Technology in secondary schools, teaching through to A-level, for 30 years. He retired early from teaching at Thurston Upper School, as it was then called. His early retirement at the age of 54 was due to a dramatic change in his health. Up to that time he had experienced great health, strength and vigour and nobody could tell him anything about health because he was invincible!  Many would recognise those sentiments in themselves for sure! When the body keeps ticking along, why change anything?

Well, one day things weren't quite normal for Chris. He had a dramatic virus which knocked him for six, and some time after that he 'strained' his back by lifting something heavy with some students in his class. Chris was found to have suffered a 28% bone loss and he was diagnosed with osteoporosis. At the same time three liver tumours were discovered in his liver.

Chris found the conventional treatments he was given to be dreadful for his health and he felt that there must be a better way.  He researched on the newly developed internet in the mid 1990s, and he did indeed find a better way.

As time went by his bone density scans improved to the point that he had the bone density of a 25 year old! He tried to share with his consultant about the nutritional and dietary methods that he had discovered, that were working for his osteoporosis but his doctor was heading for his own version of a better way - retirement, and he wasn't interested in learning anything new, and especially anything as unconventional as food, and dare we say it....nutrition!!!! 

So, Chris thought of all those people who were languishing, with no hope of recovery, just like he had been. He set out to inform people himself, and to share his research and the methods that he discovered to restore the health from anything debilitating or degenerative. 

Chris and Katrina came together and were inspired to create the Regain Turnaround

What does the Regain Turnaround Provide?

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  • Tuina massage therapy for stress, injury, aches and pains, and mind body traumas     
  • Far infrared therapy provided before, during and after massage, and used independently of massage for health improvement.
  • Lifestyle analysis and health rebuilding strategies
  • 'First Ferment' food workshops to assist clients in adopting the 'old ways' of food preparation, for health restoration.
  • Access to health information, health library, food supplements and home health support equipment

This is Chris and Katrina working in their clinic in Martlesham, near Ipswich. There are now 3 beds in this clinic due to the popularity of Tuina

Tuina is pronounced 'Twee-nah'

The use of a cotton white sheet is useful for many reasons; it allows for modesty, although the client is fully clothed, it brings extra warmth to the client, it allows the practitioner to see the varying anomalies of the muscles and bones, it avoids friction when the client is massaged with deep Tuina strokes, it avoids irritation to the hands of the practitioner because the blanket smooths over rough areas of clothing such as zips, waistbands and buttons.

What is Tuina:

Tuina allows Chris and Katrina to deliver healing touch to clients for injuries, aches and pains. It is less of a relaxing, 'beauty massage' and more of a stress-relieving, body restoring, mind-renewing massage. Tuina is used in some Chinese city hospitals such as Shanghai and Beijing for any injury or pain condition for which trauma care is not immediately necessary. 

When clients came to Chris and Katrina for help with their health conditions, they would often come with pain and stress, and postural imbalances, all of which would often prevent them from having the strength and endurance to take the necessary action to improve their health. 

Tuina provided the means for restoring clients' physical strength and well-being, giving them the ability to make the dietary, life-style and nutritional changes that were needed.

An original art work commissioned by David Beal for our Regain Turnaround clinics. It incorporates the two Chinese symbols that describe 'Push Pull', the proper translation of 'Tui Na'

Read more about Tuina and the different styles here, soon
Tuina is not just a 'cosmetic' massage, it is deeply restorative, strengthening of mind and body, toning of the centralnervous system


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All of our clinics employ the use of Far Infrared therapy before, during and independently of a session of massage
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