“My name is Patricia Carlisle Dodd. I am a registered nurse and have spent all my working life in a hospital environment, most of those as a nurse sister. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was treated in the conventional way with surgery and chemotherapy under the NHS.
I met Chris and Katrina about 6 years ago following the last of six rounds of chemotherapy, when I was at my lowest both physically and mentally and with a very poor prognosis with just weeks to live as none of the NHS treatments had worked for me. Chris and Katrina's dedication, advice and treatment have afforded me a quality of life for which I shall always be in their debt.
Katrina has herself suffered ill health from Crohns disease as a child, teenager and young adult which became rheumatoid arthritis later. Chris too had suffered ill health - osteoporosis and liver tumours. Because of this, everything they do and all the advice they offer is painstakingly researched.
I have seen both Chris and Katrina on a weekly basis since first meeting them and I know I would not be so fit and enjoying my life without them in my life. Nothing in this life is guaranteed but if you are looking to improve quality of life for yourself or your family members, I would guarantee Chris and Katrina!”
Louise and her son Tom come for a joint Tuina session, Tom with Katrina and Louise with Chris:
"Both myself and Tom have benefited physically and mentally from our Tuina sessions with you and Chris. We have tried various different types of treatments over the years from acupuncture to osteopathy, mainly for back issues, but we have both gained so much more from Tuina. I find it leaves me relaxed AND invigorated, I wish I could have a treatment every day. Looking forward to our next session....! Louise x"
Food School attendees:
Blown away by a wisp of a girl and a man with a million dollar smile. “On a beautiful September day recently, and – bonus - only 3 minutes from where I live, a rather exciting experience fulfilled a quest I hardly knew I was on. Simply called ‘Food School’ this day drew nearly 20 people from – or with – their families to a visual and sensory delight. We were to feast on flavours and tempt eager palates from a gently moving train of wholesome treats and comestibles and information. From yoghurt and whey, to cream and cake, porridge and pain-free preparation we were introduced to simplicity of ingredients and ease of storage while planning our own secret take-overs of the future health of our nearest and dearest. In my own case as a result of failing miserably to imbue the younger generation with the desire to ‘nourish’ rather than just satisfy. Not to mention the seamless and gentle flow of helpful and educated answers to rigorous questions from our participants. The integrity of the questions indicated the high level of regard of the audience. I am beyond being intimidated by my shortcomings – in fact it is often an advantage. So today I am again a student of food, flavour and fullness. ‘Food School’ – coming at a time of ever increasing interest in every type of cooking will shake you from your reveries of Granny’s seed-cake and Grandpa’s dandelion wine and bring back the tastes and smells our kitchens deserve to YOUR very own kitchen. I could go on and on....”

Dierdre Wood Tuina student 2012

I attended the very first 'Food School' presented by Chris Puckey and the astonishingly professional Katrina Patrick. Katrina has been extremely ill for many years but now is the picture of health and vitality. Having been very poorly myself, and having sought any amount of curative agents, I am not unaware of fermented foods but many of Katrina's recipes and methods of preparation/cooking were new to me. Chris was also a mine of interesting information. We all sampled the delicious dishes during our 3 breaks and though the information/recipes came at a cracking pace note taking was hardly necessary as we were given a very full explanatory manual at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I believe what Katrina and Chris are teaching is imperative; we have lost our way and need to rediscover old ways of eating back to health. I would whole-heartedly recommend the course.
Amanda Mansell
Hi Katrina and Chris
Thank You. What a most enjoyable and educating (in the best possible way) day you put on last Saturday. It was good, solid information, just the right pace, lovely food. It has provided me with much-needed inspiration to get going on the fermentation route......
....I now have cabbage bubbling its heart out in its transformation to sauerkraut, my breakfast porridge currently gives off a strange vinegary aroma as it simmers in the pot...and breakfast cake will be ready as a dessert this evening. As I write, my courgette glut is newly submerged....with dill and garlic to flavour. My next mission is to find a crock to ferment miso in...
...Wishing you both all the best, and happy cooking!
Trish Dent
I have been meaning to write to you and Katrina ever since your wonderful Food School day, to say thank you soooooo much.  It was everything I wanted it to be and since then I have turned my kitchen and my diet upside down!!  Pots of broth in the freezer, bottles of various concoctions fermenting away and almond crackers and soaked muffins in tins!  I am amazed how little I crave sweet things and cookies and how, as Katrina said we would, I feel so satisfied...........it’s like my body is sighing with relief.
 Yes, please keep me informed of further days, I have patients and friends who would be interested and I am interested in any follow up ones too.
A million thanks to you both, I am full of admiration for Katrina’s brilliant performance as demonstrator cook too and I love her humour!  The manual is invaluable, already dog eared with use!.....seeing it demonstrated, both in how to do it, and for me in seeing Katrina’s state of health now, compared with what she was all those years ago.........(I would not have believed she was the same person as the vibrant young woman before me) has made me really take it on board in a different way.
Bless you both and many thanks again.
Caroline Weatherby
The Phoenix Centre
Buteyko Course attendee:
Hi Chris and Katrina
Thank you for inviting me on you Buteyko course. I would like to encourage others to come to your breathing course.
Chris and Katrina have been regulars [for darjeeling leaf tea] at my wife Jana’s cafe in Stowmarket and when I cropped up in Jana’s conversation that she had needed to have a ‘serious word’ all because of my serious snoring, then the ball started to roll.
Chris and Katrina came up with a few more possible symptoms that they suggested I might also be experiencing, twitching, sleep apnea. A ‘mouth breather’ diagnosis was confirmed and before i could yawn (again) i am on a 4 session breathing course!
Life changing is how i describe it! Forget the diamond earrings, or afternoon tea at the Ritz , all your partner needs is a good night sleep and she will love you ‘til christmas.
The sessions are a mix of how the body works and the benefits of nose breathing. Exercises are learnt and practiced at home for a week before the next session.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who is a mouth breather, snorer, athlete, cyclist, asthmatic or looking to increase their strength and endurance.
Steve & Jana

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