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The Faces of a

Regain Turnaround

Katrina aged 9 in 1986, admitted to hospital. Dramatic weight-loss from constant vomiting and diarrhea. Diagnosed by colonoscopy with either ulcerative colitis or Crohn's Disaease. As only one diagnosis could be given it was decided that Crohn's Disease was the most accurate. Katrina later learned that it doesn't matter what name it is given; all 'Bowel Disease' has the same cause and more importantly, the same treatment approach.

Katrina on steroids aged 12. Overweight due to high dose steroids and the ravenous hunger that they caused. Medication administered through a vein on her hand. Steroids used at high doses for too long caused osteoporosis. Soon after this photo was taken a tube was inserted into the nostril and down into her stomach to feed hera liquid nutrient diet. However, the tubes were regularly flushed through into her stomach to get them clean ... using Coka Cola!!!! Her poor gut! Her dietitians also advised that hydrating with '7up' and no water was absolutely fine! There goes the teeth! There goes the entire health!

The ghostly apparition that was Katrina aged 19. Arthritis was developing fast in all of her joints. Her hand position in this photo was the only position that could be maintained comfortably for a few seconds!

Around the age of 50. Not a sign of health problems before this time, a previously fit and healthy Chris was suddenly plunged into a dramatic health decline. In this photo he had unusually gained weight and was starting to look pale.


Chris aged 54 in 1997, looking very stressed. This is around the time of his being diagnosed with 3 inoperable and untreatable liver tumours, and with osteoporosis causing a 28% bone density loss.

Receding hair line and thinning hair

Significant weight gain from lack of activity due to pain and spinal weakness, lethargy and incorrect dietary habits

A very pale and tired Chrisin the throws of his illnesses.

2019: Chris and Katrina are now leading healthy and very active lives. Katrina marvels everyday that she has a body that is finally symptom-free, and a life that is more than she could  ever have hoped for.
Chris and Katrina restored their health from seemingly impossible, 'incurable' illnesses.
They now spend their lives showing others how the body can heal itself

Photos abovetaken summer 2019: Chris' hair line seems to have become 'less shy' and the thinning hair seen in one of the photos above seems to have reversed! "This isn't possible!" it is said! Oh well, here it is! He is now aged 75 with the bone density, as measured by a scan, of a man of 25 yrs old! More importantly, it took only 3 years for Chris' blood to be clear of any signs of the tumours! That was 22 yrs ago! Katrina at 42 yrs old is far healthier and stronger than she ever was at any other decade. Age hasn't meant a decline for them. They observe this same regeneration in their clients who have been coming for Tuina massage therapy since 2011. Many of those clients have grown healthier with age. Just as it is meant to be! We are not like old tyres that wear out; we don't have feet that need retreading! We are in a constant state of growth and renewal which works well if supported with the nourishing factors that our bodies need and the removal of sugar and foods that turn into sugar.

Katrina often wonders, "How can people not be living in permanent delight when their body is well and symptom-free, with energy to spare to do EVERYTHING?!" Katrina spent her youth permanently exhausted and always hurting in one body part or another! Through their combined health work together, Chris and Katrina may have come upon some answers; people are not as well as they could be, and they may not recognise that
their 'symptoms' of needing to sleep a lot, wake up through the night a lot, eat a lot, crave a lot, go to the loo a lot, scratch a lot, take pharmaceutical drugs a lot, avoid the sun a lot, and become anxious, stressed, angry and depressed a lot, is a reason to not be living in permanent delight!

The Shape of a Regain Turnaround

The first step toward healing, is to:

Regain some control and slow the rate of decline in health. Some people are very happy and relieved just to achieve this. But if we find them open and willing we can encourage them into the next step -

Stopping the decline. Everyone's expectation is that their health problems will worsen over time but...what if our body can stabilize and not get any worse. Some people are happy and relieved just to achieve this too. But what if we can Turnaround altogether? ...

Turnaround to improved health

This is where everyone wants to be when they realize that it is possible.

The healing process involves all of these stages. Each one has its own time frame, unique to each individual.

All health guidance and support is available 'in clinic' only at one of our clinics
We can support you with health guidance that can work alongside any conventional treatments that you may be receiving from your doctor. We never advise to come off medical treatments. We are health research information providers only. We make suggestions that you can take to your doctor, if your doctor is supportive of your freedom to choose. We also provide support when all other options have failed and you are looking for another way.
Meet Chris and Katrina, and to learn more go to the full story here

Chris and Katrina married in 2017. Since 1995 they had been on their independent health journeys, independent of any public or private health services and independently of each other. Their healthy journeys coincided when they met while Katrina was still a very crippled arthritis with no hope, no life, and existing on disability living allowance. Chris had restored his health already, from an osteoporotic bone loss of 28% and from 3 tumour masses in his liver.

Chris had been a head of department at a secondary school and was therefore very at ease with self-learning and understanding research and academic papers. As he began to adopt better nutritional habits influenced by his reading of research trials from across the world, his bone loss began to reverse as evidenced by his regular scans at the hospital. His osteroporosis consultant had never heard such a thing, certainly in none of his other patients. Chris discovered one reason why this might have been; when he told his doctor what he had been doing that had produced such a good result, his doctor said that as he was retiring soon it wasn’t of interest to him. No patient would ever hear of Chris’ successful health restoration!

Chris decided instead, to share his research with other people who were suffering from various health problems and this was going to be his mission. The research papers that he had seen covered many, many aspects of health and disease; he had discovered that medical science often knew the ‘answers’ even when medical practice was slow to embrace them, if it ever did.

Chris shared his findings with Katrina, and she incorporated what Chris had discovered with what she had already been pursuing.

 Katrina’s health problems began as a toddler when she was treated with 2 years of non-stop antibiotics for what turned out to be asthma. From that time on Katrina remembers not feeling as vigorous as other children, experiencing various symptoms that were uncomfortable and were signs of a gut microbiome (gut flora) imbalance. By age 9 Katrina was diagnosed with severe bowel disease and developed osteoporosis from the overuse of steroids which is often the primary treatment. The treatments used, and still prescribed to sufferers today, were so debilitating that her hospital consultant realised in the nick of time that to save her life he would have to remove the ‘treatment’! 

At 16 when she began to realise that medicine had no answers for her, Katrina walked away from her consultants and concluded that she could do better by herself. There had been too much trauma, too many side effects, with too many unknown future repercussions!

A hospital consultant had suggested that diet was the cure. He hadn’t said which diet unfortunately. He could only hint that if Katrina followed ‘a diet’ for 5 years, she would be cure. ‘I can do that!’ said an overly optimistic 16 year old Katrina! What she hadn’t realised was that the definition of ‘diet’ would lead her down into many BIG, and dark rabbit holes! However, under her own care Katrina was at least functioning better than when under medical supervision.

By age 20, arthritis began to spread through Katrina’s body, crippling and deforming most of her joints. All she could comfortably do was to sit in a chair and not move, not even a hand, to avoid the throbbing agony. Katrina functioned socially, in her rapidly shrinking social life, by dosing up on pain killers so that at least temporarily, people couldn’t tell what was happening to her. Upon returning to a medical consultant in the hope that this time they might have an answer for her, upon the recommendation to take chemotherapy for her arthritis, Katrina walked away! There was nothing that anybody in medicine could do for Katrina, it was down to her own efforts from then on!

Katrina and Chris hear doctors lament that people are causing themselves danger by using nutritional and dietary therapies; if Chris and Katrina hadn’t taken this action for themselves their lives would now be very different, and it is likely that Chris wouldn’t have made it this far. Who knows where Katrina would be and what kind of life she would be having?!

So....where lies the danger?....

Katrina’s past symptoms include, but are not limited to, allergies, skin rashes / psoriasis, dry itchy skin, asthma, bleeding urinary infections, bladder weakness, constant colds and flu, very low blood pressure and dizziness, extreme muscle fatigue, hair loss / thinning, bald patches, brain fog, constant sinus congestion, muscle and joint pain, cavities, gum disease, abscesses, depression, and more ….!

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