What is Tuina Massage?

Tuina is not just a 'cosmetic' massage, it is deeply restorative, strengthening of mind and body, and 'toning' of the central nervous system
Tuina is pronounced

The use of a cotton white sheet is useful for many reasons; it allows for modesty, and although the client is also fully clothed, it provides extra warmth. It allows the practitioner to see the varying anomalies or imbalances of the muscles and bones. It also avoids friction when the client is massaged with deep Tuina strokes, by avoiding irritation to the hands of the practitioner with the sheet smoothing over rough areas of clothing such as zips, waistbands and buttons.

Above: Chris in Tuina action  

Chris teaching students Tuina

Katrina in Tuinaaction

An original art work commissioned by David Beal for our Regain Turnaround clinics. It incorporates the two Chinese symbols that describe 'Push Pull', the proper translation of 'Tui Na'

Clinic Locations
Haughley, Stowmarket                            Martlesham east of Ipswich

Phone: 01449 258071
Mb: 07704  190 101
Clinic Location Maps and rate card can be seen byclicking here
General Clinic Fees
1 Hour £45 per hour
Out of hours, evening and weekends, £60 per hour
Office Hours

Tuesday: 9.30 am - last session ends at 5.30 pm (Evening rates apply beyond 5.30pm)

Wednesday: 9.30 am - last session ends at 5.30 pm (Evening rates apply beyond 5.30pm)

Friday: 10:00 am - last session ends at 4 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
(out of hours rates apply)

Session times are by appointment only
Payment is taken upon booking

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